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Programmable and Active Service Assurance Platform for Network Automation

SD-WAN and VPN connections are mission-critical for enterprises, customers and users. It is vital to validate that they:

  1. Work at provisioning time
  2. Continuously work without intermittent or more constant failures
  3. Minimize time to resolve any issues

Netrounds validates and automates all three above named  phases. Active measurements are used in Layer 1 – Layer 7 to validate the network services that are consumed by end-users and customers.

The life-cycle phases of the SD-WAN and VPN service is addressed in the following actions:

  1. Provisioning time: Netrounds performance advanced service activation testing, including QoS classes, throughput tests, stateful TCP tests, and higher-level services like simulating VOIP calls. This generates an automated test-report.
  2. Continuously monitoring the SD-WAN/VPN: with second resolution you will get real-time SLA monitoring of the complete topology from an end-user perspective. SLA alarms are generated at any violation.
  3. When issues occur Netrounds can perform white-box testing and sectionalize the network and isolate where the issue is and what exactly the issue is.

In SD-WAN environments the SD-WAN vendor has basic validation to cover the links, however  these do not normally cover the services consumed by end-users such as DNS, VOIP, and video. They are also fairly limited to basic measurements on the network layer. Netrounds adds the following to an SD-WAN network:

  • Ensuring the service works in the network service the customer is using
  • Inclusion of any network functions and applications outside the SD-WAN vendor
  • Advanced full-mesh test and monitoring
  • Bandwidth tests

Netrounds covers flexible use-cases and topologies as illustrated in the figure below:

  1. Validating from headquarter/private/data-center to all sites. This can be done by a central test-agent sending traffic to test agents at all sites. Netrounds also supports standardized reflection at L2 (Y.1731) and L3 (TWAMP) to validate any sites without a test-agent.
  2. Validating traffic full-mesh using active traffic between the test-agents on the sites
  3. Validating the traffic to public cloud include in the VPN. The Netrounds agents can be deployed on public cloud infrastructures like Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud.

The test agent itself is a small high-performing software. On the edge it can be running on a universal CPE or any virtualization platform or even bare metal. 256 MB RAM and one vCPU is required. This makes it easy to use as part of any modern VPN solution or SD-WAN infrastructure.

Netrounds has a rich automation API that is used by the Orchestrator to provision the connections. This guarantees that any new connections or changed connections are tested and being monitored. For an example of Cisco NSO and Netrounds see Orchestrated Assurance.

Download “The SLA Exposé: Are Users Right in Complaining About Their Networks?” whitepaper from Netrounds and learn more below!


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Key Features

Standards compliance

Netrounds is fully compliant with relevant standards from ITU and Metro Ethernet Forum, such as Y.1564 and MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0.

Pre-built templates

Achieve comprehensive test coverage using pre-built templates for service activation testing in line with MEF2.0 and Y.1564, or powerful QoS profiling scenarios.


Netrounds powerful test sequence builder lets you create complex test sequences that are saved as templates for instant re-use or scheduled for later execution.

Standard x86 hardware

For cost-efficiency and high network coverage. Deploy Netrounds active Test Agents on bare-metal HW or in hypervisor environments such as Openstack.

Consistent cloud interface

Control all your active Test Agents through one consistent interface, accessible anywhere, from any device.


Share your active Test Agents and data with other teams in your own organization or with your vendors or clients.

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