Teams working with service delivery and service assurance face a lot of challenges. Customers are more frequently requiring proof that their circuits have been turned-up correctly. Often times, many different network operators are involved in the end-to-end delivery making it error prone. Once the service is activated end-to-end and the service is not working as expected, the finger-pointing starts. Shipping hand-held testers back and forth is normally not economically feasible. No one wants to take responsibility and the customer might even withhold the final payments.

Netrounds approach to L2/L3 VPN service assurance is software-based, easy-to-use and automated. It helps you ensure that your deliveries are on time and without problems. Automated test suites, provided by Netrounds, are compliant with international standards and recommendations from Metro Ethernet Forum, ITU and IETF. We understand that different deliveries have different requirements, and therefore Netrounds supports everything from reflector-based measurements using Y.1731 and simple browser-based verification tests, to advanced carrier-Ethernet verification tests of QoS profiling using stateful TCP and L2 Control Protocol handling. Traffic generation is done through Netrounds active Test Agents that are either downloaded or pre-installed on standard x86 hardware.

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The included suite of test and tools is fully compliant with the relevant validation standards ITU-T Y.1563 and Y.1564, as well as Metro Ethernet Forum’s Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Blueprint, and 6.1.1 L2 Control Protocol Handling.

All tests are available as templates that require minimal configuration. Netrounds is suitable for both lab and field networks, and can be deployed with minimal effort. All tests can be fully automated with centralized, real-time test results published and accessible in the Netrounds Web Portal. Generating baseline reports to show as certificates that your Ethernet connections are correctly turned up at time of delivery is easy.


  • Faster L2 Ethernet VPN and L3 IP VPN service turn-up and installation
  • Eliminate expensive truck rolls and field efforts
  • Reduce labor-intensive work thanks to test automation
  • Reduce OPEX and CAPEX

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Key Features

Standards compliance

Netrounds is fully compliant with relevant standards from ITU and Metro Ethernet Forum, such as Y.1564 and MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0.

Pre-built templates

Achieve comprehensive test coverage using pre-built templates for service activation testing in line with MEF2.0 and Y.1564, or powerful QoS profiling scenarios.


Netrounds powerful test sequence builder lets you create complex test sequences that are saved as templates for instant re-use or scheduled for later execution.

Standard x86 hardware

For cost-efficiency and high network coverage. Deploy Netrounds active Test Agents on bare-metal HW or in hypervisor environments such as Openstack.

Consistent cloud interface

Control all your active Test Agents through one consistent interface, accessible anywhere, from any device.


Share your active Test Agents and data with other teams in your own organization or with your vendors or clients.

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Typical Deployment Example

The image below shows some important ways in which Netrounds physical and virtual test agents can be deployed in the mobile backhaul architecture and in the mobile network air interface.

  • Netrounds Test Agents placed in the mobile core network send out TWAMP or ITU-T Y.1731 traffic to multiple recipients equipped with reflector functionality. The main purpose of this setup is to have the traffic bounced back by existing network equipment: switches, routers, microwave links, or eNodeBs/radio base stations.
  • Test Agents can also be used to verify end user perception of a wide range of services, such as streaming video and IPTV, and to evaluate the performance of cornerstone protocols such as TCP and UDP. This versatility of Netrounds Test Agents brings unique value.
  • Test Agents can be deployed not only at arbitrary points in the mobile core and backhaul, but also in the mobile network air interface. Equipped with a 4G modem, Test Agents are capable of service testing over the air interfaces of LTE, WCDMA, and GSM mobile networks, also recording air interface measurements as well as the band and bearer in use.