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Video Delivery Assurance Solution Brief

Netrounds video delivery assurance solution provides multi-channel monitoring of OTT video, IPTV and cable TV quality at multiple locations on your network. Netrounds visualizes the video quality from the head-end to your customers, and helps you understand where problems occur so that you can take appropriate actions to eliminate network problems.

Using active Test Agents located in the core and distribution networks helps you identify problems that most likely affect all your subscribers, while Test Agents located in the access networks help you to isolate geographical areas with problems. For network assessment and troubleshooting, Test Agents can temporarily be placed at the customers’ premises to accurately monitor channels that are actually being viewed, individually for each customer. In addition, Netrounds Test Agents can remotely be used to perform sophisticated test scenarios to stress test and troubleshoot the home environment without the need for expensive field visits.


  • Gain video quality and performance insight
  • Eliminate network problems quickly
  • Improve customer experience
  • Eliminate the need for expensive field efforts
  • Use common PC hardware to reduce cost

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Key Features

Standard x86 hardware

For cost-efficiency and extensive network coverage. Deploy Netrounds Test Agents as bare-metal or in virtualized environments.

Consistent cloud interface

Control all Test Agents through one consistent user interface, accessible anywhere from any device.

Multi-purpose Test Agents

Re-use your active Test Agents for SIP, HTTP, Y.1564, Y.1731, QoS profiling, mobile radio access, remote packet capture, and more.


Share your active Test Agents and data with other teams in your own organization or with your vendors or clients.


Work proactively, get notifications of negative trends and solve problems before they are noticed by end customers.

Historical data

Monitor quality over time and go back to find the root cause for problems.

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Typical Deployment Example

A typical scenario starts by deploying a Preinstalled Test Agent close to the source of the video content source, at the core of your network. This could either be at the head-end server location, or at the location where the video feed enters your network. This Test Agent is connected on an access port and connected over a 10 Gbit/s interface towards the video network. This core Test Agent will actively request and start monitoring of the full channel offering, which often means hundreds of channels.

Then, a number of Test Agents are connected at strategic locations where you have the highest density of port aggregation. These Test Agents do not necessarily need to monitor the full channel offering, which means they are connected using one or a few interfaces at 1 Gbit/s.

At the access part of your network, you would connect less powerful Test Agents, connected at 100 Mbit/s. These Test Agents could be located at areas where you suspect quality issues, or areas of particular interest. These Test Agents will request a smaller set of channels.

Finally, a typical scenario also includes Test Agents located at the customer’s premises. As opposed to the other locations described above, this Test Agent is preferably connected in-line (“bridge mode”) with the customer’s connection. This means that the Test Agent can intercept existing traffic and assess the quality.

All in all, using Test Agents located throughout the delivery path of the video streams, it is simple to determine if all or any channel is degraded as they are transported through your network.