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Modern services and applications today span sites, private data-centers and public clouds. The network connectivity between these have fundamental impact on the service quality. It is vital to have full control of each network segment, as well as the total quality as perceived by the end-user.

Netrounds active assurance helps you validate the segments in the following way:

Service chains in the Data-Center

A service is in most cases a composite service made up of individual applications/ VNFs; Netrounds can validate that the service performs end-to-end both for services you spin up in public clouds or in your private data-center.

From site to private/public cloud

End-users and customers consume the service from their campus or site; Netrounds can validate the network performance from that point towards the service provided in the data-center or Cloud.

Data-Center Interconnect

Netrounds can validate the network quality between the connected data-center.

Netrounds test-agents are easily deployed on Google Cloud, Amazon and Azure. The test agents will then use active traffic to test the services at activation time and continuously monitor them during the service life-cycle; for example ensuring that any changes do not negatively impact end-users. The test agents are also easily installed bare-metal or on any virtualization platform at the campus/enterprise sites.

Netrounds has been in the Cloud since 2010. The Netrounds Controller that manages all of the test and monitor activities is a multi-tenant cloud application; it is available as a SaaS solution or on-premise installation.