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Intel and Netrounds bring Service Assurance to an NFV World

Today’s technologies and services make tough demands on mobile network performance, posing strict requirements on things like packet loss rates, delay, and jitter. Netrounds lets you quality-assure both the backhaul and the radio interface of your mobile network, from basic viability of infrastructure segments to the subtleties of end-user service quality perception.

By automating activation tests, you can deliver services faster and ensure committed service levels. With multi-purpose Test Agents deployed throughout the network, either as physical network appliances running on bare metal x86 or as VNFs in virtualized infrastructure, you can reduce manual labor in daily monitoring and minimize troubleshooting truck rolls.


  • Netrounds can be used to validate backhaul performance through all stages of the network life cycle: for activation testing, day-to-day monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Reflector-based testing (TWAMP/ITU-T Y.1731) can target massive numbers of reflector devices in the network, achieving extensive testing coverage with a very modest number of Netrounds Test Agents.
  • Test Agents can run either on virtualized infrastructure (NFVI) or on bare-metal x86 hardware, making deployment flexible.

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Key Features

Software-based solution

The Netrounds solution is completely software-based and never requires purpose-built hardware, regardless of how it is deployed.

Unifying cloud API

Dynamically interact with large numbers of Virtual Test Agents through a unifying cloud API exposed from the Netrounds Control Center.

Multi-purpose VNF vTAs

Use Virtual Test Agents for SIP, HTTP, IPTV, Y.1564, Y.1731, QoS profiling, remote packet capture, and more.

Easy integration

Netrounds’ open API enables hassle-free integration with other systems. For example, correlate Netrounds active measurements with SNMP or other OSS/EMS passive measurements.

Real-time results

Use the cloud API to retrieve live SLS/SLA compliance metrics and other KPIs relating to end-user experience and network performance.

NFV readiness

Netrounds is certified for Cisco and Nokia infrastructure, and thanks to its structure the Netrounds solution can be readily migrated into an NFV environment.

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Typical Deployment Example

The image below shows some important ways in which Netrounds physical and virtual test agents can be deployed in the mobile backhaul architecture and in the mobile network air interface.

  • Netrounds Test Agents placed in the mobile core network send out TWAMP or ITU-T Y.1731 traffic to multiple recipients equipped with reflector functionality. The main purpose of this setup is to have the traffic bounced back by existing network equipment: switches, routers, microwave links, or eNodeBs/radio base stations.
  • Test Agents can also be used to verify end-user perception of a wide range of services, such as streaming video and IPTV, and to evaluate the performance of cornerstone protocols such as TCP and UDP. This versatility of Netrounds Test Agents brings unique value.
  • Test Agents can be deployed not only at arbitrary points in the mobile core and backhaul, but also in the mobile network air interface. Equipped with a 4G modem, Test Agents are capable of service testing over the air interfaces of LTE, WCDMA, and GSM mobile networks, also recording air interface measurements as well as the band and bearer in use.