Analyst Reports

2017 SDx Central Next-gen Software-defined (SDx) Infrastructure Assurance Report

2017 EMA Innovator Award Analyst Report – Netrounds & CA Technologies

1st ETSI NFV Plugtests Final Report

Heavy Reading White Paper – vCPE Test & Measurement: A Market Takes Shape

Featured in TMN: Seven Things I know About Automated Network Testing

Analysys Mason White Paper – Automated service assurance is critical for operationalizing NFV/SDN: active testing automation presents an early opportunity Broadband Outlook 2016 Report

Vanilla Plus Sept-Oct 2016 Issue – check out page 52!

TM Forum Insights Research Report – Orchestration: Get ready for the platform revolution

Analysys Mason Report – Service Assurance is a critical part of operationalizing NFV/SDN-based networks

Stratecast Frost and Sullivan 10 to Watch 2016 Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics and Monetization (ODAM) Report


Predictive Network Analytics: Active Monitoring of SDx and Cloud Environments with Netrounds and CA 

Hear from EMA Senior Analyst, Shamus McGillicuddy, and a panel of Predictive Network Analytics experts from CA and Netrounds in this on-demand webinar.

Cisco Knowledge Network – Assuring and Troubleshooting Business VPNs with Cisco Orchestrated Assurance powered by Netrounds

Watch our Cisco Knowledge Network webinar to learn more about troubleshooting Business VPNs with Netrounds. Watch on demand here.

Cisco Knowledge Network – Orchestrated Assurance: What Is It, and Why Do I Need It?

Model-driven Orchestrated Assurance offers an approach to bridging the gap between service fulfillment and assurance. Learn how you can automatically validate SLAs, discover issues earlier, and resolve problems more quickly in this Cisco Knowledge Network webinar.

Light Reading webinar – Test & Measurement: Five Hot Buttons for 2017

2017 will be a year of significant change for many operators. Efforts to virtualize network functions and increase levels of automation; projects to upgrade fixed and mobile networks with new access technologies; and the need to manage evolving types and patterns of traffic will all leading to significant infrastructure upheaval.This webinar will look at hot themes in T&M in the coming year, and what these will mean for operators.

Fundamentals of orchestrated end user assurance – Netrounds & Cisco joint webinar

Orchestrated Assurance is based around a model-driven service orchestrator that uses software-based active test agents in NFV to enable automated, agile and assured service deliveries.

Light Reading webinar – Test in the Era of Virtualization

In this one-hour discussion, leading T&M companies, including Netrounds, touch on NFV testing and validation techniques that provide carriers with the assurance needed to move virtualization technologies from the lab to production.

Service Assurance in 2020: Fully orchestrated assurance & a transformation path for getting there

This webinar explores the challenges and limitations with test and assurance today and one suggested transformation route to achieving a fully programmable, actively assured network.

Overview of Orchestrated Assurance

Netrounds co-founder and VP Product Management, Marcus Friman, presents the big idea with Orchestrated Assurance at OPNFV Summit in Burlingame, CA.

Orchestrated Assurance enabled by NFV (ETSI NFV PoC #36) live demo

Video demonstration from NFV World Congress in Dusseldorf. PoC participants are Cisco, Netrounds, Orange, Intel and Telco Systems.

Successful Transition to IPTV: A cost-efficient approach to assuring network and service quality

This webinar will teach you a systematic approach to pinpointing issues along the entire service delivery chain, how to pre-assess new deployments to minimize problems, and how to troubleshoot remotely.

IPv6 Network Performance: What to expect

This webinar teaches you how to validate and test your IPv6 network. You will learn how to measure network performance end-to-end for IPv4 or IPv6.

Access Network Security use case webinar

This webinar shows you how to perform automated security tests of your network, validate new hardware/firmware releases and achieve certified and secure end-user broadband connections.

Hands-on traffic engineering in an SDN network

This webinar will give you hands-on experience of an SDN network based on Open vSwitch (OVS), managed both manually and by an OpenDaylight (ODL) controller.

Videos and Podcasts

SDN NFV World Congress: Control the Hype presentation

Presentation of Control the Hype: A look at service assurance systems and how they relate to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Stefan Vallin, Director of Product Strategy

Mobile Europe Interview: Active Assurance with Netrounds and VMware at #MWC18

Sumit Verdi, Director of NFV Lighthouse Solutions at VMware, and Kaela Loffler, VP Marketing, discuss Active Assurance with Mobile Europe at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Netrounds at #MWC18 with Mobile Europe

Watch the Mobile Europe interview with our CEO and co-founder Mats Nordlund. Mats discusses our presence at MWC 2018, Big Data and other top-of-mind topics, and key differentiators in the changing market.

Tech Demo: Netrounds Integration to Network Operations and Analytics from CA

This video details the Netrounds Active Testing and Monitoring Integration to Network Operations and Analytics from CA Technologies.

Predict Network Behavior with Active Testing and Modern Network Operations and Analytics

Learn how you can easily validate network behavior in automated software-defined (SDx) and hybrid cloud environments with Netrounds active testing and monitoring integrated with Network Operations and Analytics from CA.

Monitor the Hottest SDx Architectures With CA Partners & the Network Operations and Analytics Platform from CA

How does SDx shift the status quo for network operations teams? Join us for this panel discussion from the hottest SDx and cloud monitoring vendors in the market that are part of the CA software-defined networking (SDN) ecosystem of collaborative partners helping to drive CA customer success for modern network initiatives.

Orchestrated Assurance – Business VPN Demonstration

This video explains the concept of Orchestrated Assurance through a Business VPN use case. Orchestrated Assurance, which was originally coined by Cisco and Netrounds in ETSI NFV PoC #36, is our response to helping operators and CSPs meet the rising service quality expectations from end users in a software-based and automated fashion.

Cisco Orchestrated Assurance Powered by Netrounds

Watch this video to learn how Cisco Orchestrated Assurance powered by Netrounds solves the assurance challenges of today’s dynamic network environments. How does Orchestrated Assurance help you to lower operational costs while driving revenue with new assured services?

Predictive Network Behavior with CA Technologies and Netrounds

When used with Netrounds Active Testing, Network Operations and Analytics from CA Technologies can validate the dynamic creation and changes of network services in automated SDx and public cloud environments.

Continuous Next Generation Evolution for Virtualised Infrastructure

Kaela Loffler presents ETSI OSM PoC #1 at the ETSI 5G Network Infrastructure Summit 2017 in Sophia Antipolis, France.

Active Monitoring for 5G Network Slicing

Kaela Loffler, Director of Marketing and Industry Alliances at Netrounds, in an interview with TelecomTV on the DevOps PoC at the ETSI 5G Network Infrastructure Summit 2017 in Sophia Antipolis, France.

MPLS World Congress 2017 – DevOps PoC

Marcus Friman, Head of Engineering & co-founder of Netrounds, presents DevOps in Service Chains & 5G Network Slices in the Open Source MANO tutorial at MPLS World Congress 2017 in Paris.

Live Demo Video – DevOps in Service Chains & 5G Network Slices

Executives from PoC collaborating companies review the drivers and key takeaways from the PoC and a live demonstration is shown.

MWC 2017 Discussion Zone – DevOps Approach to Service Lifecycle Management

Viewers will learn why DevOps and automation will be critical to service providers’ network operations processes and how to ensure network quality with active test and assurance solutions.

Netrounds Test Races – Advanced Service Activation Test

How long does it take to create an advanced service activation test that validates both network performance and a mix of real services? Watch this test race to find out!

An Opportunity to Better Understand the Network

Netrounds’ Director of Marketing & Industry Alliances, Kaela Loffler, discusses improving network quality in an interview with ViodiTV at CNV 2016

DevOps Approach to Service Lifecycle Test & Assurance

Augmenting OSS with automated T&M – Netrounds CEO Mats Nordlund in the MANO Spotlight Session at Carrier Network Virtualization 2016 in Palo Alto, CA

Assuring Quality of Experience in Dynamic Networks

Netrounds’ Chief Product Officer and co-founder, Marcus Friman, presents “Assuring Quality of Experience in Dynamic Networks: Gaining full end user visibility through programmable test and assurance” at SDN & Open Flow World Congress 2016

Light Reading Video: Assuring Network Quality in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Mats Nordlund, CEO and Co-Founder of Netrounds, interview: “As the rate of change and complexity increases in agile networks, the importance of introducing DevOps methodologies for integrating active test and assurance solutions throughout the full service lifecycle…”

Intel Chip Chat Podcast: Transforming Service Assurance

Marcus Friman, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Netrounds, explains service assurance and why it is a critical aspect of virtualized networks in this archive of a livecast from the Intel Network Builders End User Summit in Madrid.

The increasing importance of the ecosystem to VNF vendors

An interview with Netrounds’ Kari Korkala at HPE CommsWorld 2016 on the importance of openness and industry ecosystems like HPE’s OpenNFV program.

Light Reading CEO Chat

At MWC 2016, Mats Nordlund, CEO & Co-founder, speaks with Steve Saunders of Light Reading about the company’s history, service delivery and the progression of the telecom industry on the service level.

Intel Chip Chat Podcast: Network Insights & Orchestrated Assurance

Intel Chip Chat audio podcast with Allyson Klein and Mats Nordlund, CEO and Founder of Netrounds, digging into the benefits of Orchestrated Assurance at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in Germany.

Netrounds’ Telecom Playbook

Kari Korkala, SVP of Sales, introduces the important role of Netrounds in the telecom world, its progress on service automation, service orchestration and how Netrounds helps operators to move quickly with the pace of change.

Introduction to Netrounds

Deliver services faster and with assured quality.