Netrounds is a programmable, active test and service assurance platform for physical, hybrid and virtual networks. Netrounds’ automation capabilities enable communications service providers to reduce manual efforts required for network testing and assurance, significantly decreasing operational costs and improving operating margins, as well as nearly eliminating capital expenditures associated with using traditional hardware test and measurement equipment.

The core component of Netrounds is a unifying multi-tenant Control Center that provides a consolidated GUI for operations staff, as well as a cloud API for external OSS and NFV orchestrators, to remotely control and monitor Netrounds’ active, traffic-generating Test Agents. These software-based Test Agents provide distributed, end-to-end service insights across service activation testing, quality monitoring, and troubleshooting. These insights can either be retrieved by Orchestrators/OSS for full closed-loop automation or viewed in the Control Center for the diagnosis and resolution of end-to-end customer service and network quality issues.

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Netrounds Control Center

The core component of Netrounds is a unifying cloud-based Control Center, which provides a consolidated GUI for operations staff as well as a cloud API allowing external OSS (service) and NFV orchestrators to remotely control Netrounds’ traffic-generating, active Test Agents.

The Control Center is either hosted by Netrounds and offered as a SaaS solution, or deployed traditionally on-premise. In either case, it displays both second-by-second and aggregated real-time results, as well as KPIs and SLA monitoring metrics.

Netrounds Control Center has a wide range of built-in core features that are exposed over either an intuitive Web Portal user interface or a cloud-based API. The Web Portal is used as a designer studio for different test scenarios, and for on-demand initiation of tests, remote troubleshooting, and real-time reconfiguration of service assurance scenarios and thresholds. The API is used by external systems such as OSS service orchestrators to dynamically initiate activation tests and quality monitoring scenarios and to retrieve results.

Netrounds Active Test Agents

Netrounds Test Agents actively generate authentic traffic and analyze detailed, real-time measurements across multiple applications, services and interfaces. Test Agent capabilities include measurement of network performance (UDP, TCP, Y.1731, TWAMP), IPTV and OTT video, and Internet (HTTP, Ping, Speedtest), as well as VoIP and SIP telephony, mobile radio, Wi-Fi, and remote packet inspection.

All Test Agents are controlled and updated remotely through Netrounds’ unifying Control Center, which can be hosted by Netrounds or deployed on-premise. The Control Center in turn can be accessed through a web GUI or through a cloud API. See the Control Center datasheet for more information.

External OSS and NFV orchestrators easily automate distributed activation tests and quality monitoring through a feature-rich cloud API to the Control Center, while network operations staff access the user-friendly web interface as a test design environment, as well as for on-demand tests, quality monitoring and real-time visualization.

Test Agent Appliance

The Test Agent Appliance is integrated with an optimized Debian Linux OS. The appliance can be packaged and delivered by Netrounds in a number of ways.

  • Preinstalled Test Agent: Hardware delivered from Netrounds with preinstalled Test Agent Appliance software.
  • Software Test Agent: Test Agent Appliance software downloaded by the customer and installed on customer-provided x86 hardware.
  • Test Agent Virtual Network Function (TA VNF or vTA): Test Agent Appliance software downloaded by the customer and run as a virtual machine (VM) on a hypervisor.

All of these have identical traffic-generating capabilities and differ only in terms of packet performance, which is determined by available CPU resources and interface speeds.

Test Agent Application

The Test Agent Application consists of software and can be packaged and delivered by Netrounds in two ways.

  • Test Agent Application: Consists of software downloaded by the customer and is installed as an application on a Linux computer.
  • Test Agent Cloud-Native Network Function (TA CNF or cTA): The Test Agent Application can optionally run as a container in any environment that supports it, for example, in routers. The containerized application is in a position to approximate very closely the performance of other applications running on the same virtual machine.

Netrounds Testing Capabilities