Lulea, Sweden, June 20, 2013 – Netrounds, a provider of hybrid-cloud solutions to automate testing and monitoring of network and application performance, today announced that Singapore-based broadband operator, MyRepublic, has chosen Netrounds as a complete solution for quality assurance of its services and as a tool for its customers to visualize network performance.

”There are several reasons why we have chosen to use Netrounds as our network performance management tool. The Netrounds team has offered us great customization and provided us with the right solution after listening to our needs. Netrounds is intuitive and very easy to use, deployment is fast and its modular approach allows us to use only what we need,” says Lawrence Chan, Business Development Manager at MyRepublic.

MyRepublic, which discovered Netrounds through the Asian reseller Starview International, is using Netrounds’ distributed measurement devices to enable quick troubleshooting of sudden problems and long-term monitoring of response times within their own network to ensure top performance. MyRepublic is also directing its customers to Netrounds’ speed test feature which they are using to verify achievable throughput against nodes located at various locations in the world.

“Traditionally, consumers like myself here in Singapore have been getting lower than advertised broadband speeds from our providers. It’s great that companies like Netrounds are working with new ISPs like MyRepublic to make sure we get the speed we are paying for,” says Cai Yilun, a 28 year old MyRepublic customer.

MyRepublic’s use of Netrounds, both as a tool for ensuring quality as well as for communicating the delivered performance to its customers, makes it an important part in the company’s intense focus on quality and performance to differentiate itself from the competition.

“MyRepublic is a challenging and modern company positioned as a high-performance service provider on the Singaporean broadband market. Top quality and high performance are therefore at the heart of their operations and we are very pleased with MyRepublic’s choice to use Netrounds as a complete solution to ensure that the user experience matches their customers’ expectations,” says Marcus Jonsson, Chief Marketing Officer at Netrounds.

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