“We have been looking for a tool for quality assurance of our triple-play home gateways for some time, and we are pleased to see that Netrounds combines a wide range of testing capabilities for both lab and field tests with a superior ease of use. The Netrounds platform is flexible and will adapt and evolve continuously as our own needs and services change”, says Fredrik Olsson, Head of Access Services at Telenor Sweden.

By using Netrounds, Telenor sees that they will be able to automate a significant amount of their tests within the contract framework. Besides substantial cost savings, Netrounds will help Telenor in their continuous strive to offer the best products on the Swedish market.

Netrounds is developed by Swedish hi-tech company Absilion and was released in 2009 as the world’s first cloud-based solution for advanced network testing and troubleshooting.

“This contract with Telenor strengthens Netrounds’ position as the world-leading tool for cloudbased network testing”, says Marcus Jonsson, Chief Marketing Officer at Absilion. “We look forward to continuing the close cooperation with the network experts at Telenor Sweden in our future enhancements of Netrounds”.