Case Study: How Operator Telenor Simplifies and Automates More Than 50% of Manual Testing Tasks

Mats Nordlund, CEO of Netrounds, presented a joint case study together with Bjorn-Martin Worsoe, Head of Business Development Business Cloud at Telenor, at the TC3 conference in Sunnyvale. The event [...]

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Y.1564 Ethernet Service Activation: Severely Errored Seconds (SES) and Unavailable Seconds (UAS)

The Y.1564 Ethernet service availability definition is based on a model which uses two states to represent the ability or inability of the network to sustain the service in the [...]

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Using Netrounds for Academic Purposes: Meet Netrounds User #1000

Recently we passed 1,000 professional Netrounds users, a milestone in our efforts to contribute to the improvement of end user experience of network-based services. Seeing this event approaching, we decided [...]

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Slow applications in Swedish healthcare cost over half a billion dollars per year

Poorly performing applications used in Swedish healthcare cost 600-750 million dollars per year, according to both labor unions and nursing staff. Instead of nursing patients, a lot of time is [...]

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New report from Ericsson shows network performance vital for end user loyalty

A new report from Ericsson ConsumerLab shows that network performance is key to ensuring subscriber loyalty and low churn. Online interviews were conducted with 1,000 smartphone users across the world. [...]

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Network Test Automation with Templates and Scheduling

With Netrounds you have been able to create custom test sequences for quite some time now, and save time through test automation. Combining different types of tests such as UDP [...]

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Cloud-based Test Automation Improves Efficiency and Quality for Telenor Sweden

Our customer Telenor Sweden has chosen to renew its subscription for Netrounds for another 36 months. Telenor uses the solution for test automation and quality assurance of network equipment, resulting [...]

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One out of five has IT problems at work every day

One out of five people in Sweden has IT or technology problems at work every day. The most common problem is applications and systems running slowly. This was shown in [...]

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Are your users complaining about slow performance?

Almost all of us have sometime experienced the frustration over slow and lagging surf, applications, or services, something that hardly increases our productivity or service satisfaction. As a network manager, [...]

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Four trends in test and troubleshooting 2013

Each year, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey to find out more on how our customers perceive us and the service we deliver, as well as to identify new needs [...]

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