The New Realities of Testing in a Virtualized World

NFV’s Emergence In case you missed it, the world is being virtualized.  Well, at least the networks that increasingly connect people and things are going virtual, as network operators worldwide [...]

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2015 – A year full of progress

I hope you all have been enjoying the holidays, and that you can look back at some great achievements during 2015. From a Netrounds perspective, some important steps has been take during [...]

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Netrounds Participates in Industry-First NFV Interoperability Effort

We are pleased to share that Netrounds recently participated in an industry-first NFV interoperability test conducted by the New IP Agency (NIA), a joint partnership between Light Reading and the EANTC. The [...]

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Orchestrated Assurance – Ready for the World

Over the recent years, network service orchestration has gained widespread traction from communication service providers (CSPs) all around the world as a means to automate the tedious and error-prone tasks [...]

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A Collaborative Platform for Service Assurance Across Network Domains

“The third network is agile, assured and software-based”, Nan Chen, president of the Metro Ethernet Forum, said at the GEN14 conference in Washington in November 2014. This was the main [...]

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Added Support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

One of the new features from the upgrade last week is monitoring of HTTP Live Streaming. Now you can use your Netrounds probes to act as end-users watching HLS-based OTT [...]

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Metro Ethernet Forum Layer 2 Control Protocol Handling

This article written by Netrounds' MEF-certified VP of Product Management, Marcus Friman, provides some information about Layer 2 Control Protocols (L2CP) according to the Metro Ethernet Forum specifications. Most of [...]

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Marcus Friman Earns MEF CECP 2.0 Certification

We congratulate Marcus Friman, our VP of Product Management, who recently passed the Metro Ethernet Forum certified Carrier Ethernet Professional test (MEF-CECP 2.0). We took the time to ask him [...]

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How to Test TCP QoS: RFC 6349 and Beyond

When you are looking to test TCP performance, the IETF standard RFC 6349 is a great place to start. However, while it provides some interesting metrics, such as transfer time [...]

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Metro Ethernet Forum and “The Third Network'”

The opening remarks at the GEN14 conference by Metro Ethernet Forum was focused around "The Third Network", where the challenge in the next coming years can be summarized in one [...]

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