Why is my new Weber grill better tested than my premium network connection? A lot about grilling and a little about my so-called “premium” connection.

By Dr. Stefan Vallin, Director of Product Strategy & Grilling Aficionado, Netrounds

I had the luxury of unpacking my brand new Weber grill at the beginning of the summer. Those who don’t live close to the Arctic Circle in Sweden may not realize the immense joy that summer weather brings – the long-awaited sight of the sun after a long and dark (not to mention cold) winter is unparalleled. And of course, for summer’s most delectable pastime, the grill and all grilling ingredients must be of the highest quality. For the ultimate BBQ experience, there can be no shortcuts – things need to be tested. How do the tomatoes taste? Is the fish fresh?

Most importantly, whether it is your new Weber grill or your trusty backyard companion that has simply been on a long winter hiatus, the grill is the critical component in this equation. Weber grills are known to be of the highest quality by grilling gurus the world over, but Weber also did not fail to let me know that my new grill was also extremely thoroughly tested. I had no lemon on my hands, people.

Turning to the mounting of the grill, please see exhibits A, B and C.

Grill images

Every individual component of the grill is marked with a sticker revealing that it has passed the test. Now, this is quality. Weber invested those extra minutes to make sure that they were truly delivering quality. Weber, your exceptional products continue to pass the test with grill connoisseurs because you also test them!

Now I am back on the road for work on Monday morning after three wonderful grilling experiences over the weekend. As a frequent traveler, I often operate out of local business centers that offer “high-quality, premium Internet” for an added fee. Upon logging on I find that the pleasant mood rolling over from the weekend starts to fade as I painfully struggle just to have the Internet registration page for my “premium” connection load. When I finally do manage to sign on, I cannot get enough bandwidth or jitter low enough to be able to run my video meetings. I experience slow throughput, creating pains when trying to reach the shared drive.

So, I wonder, where is the “test passed” sticker on the registration page for my “premium” service? How can I be charged for a business quality network connection without it being tested from my location to ensure it meets this premium grade? On top of paying for a level of service quality that I am definitely not receiving, I will have to spend time on another Monday morning on tedious conversations and the blame game with my service provider to convince them that they are not delivering what I have paid for. It is clear that no tests have been carried out on the service to ensure it is working as expected. It is also clear that they are not monitoring the connection to make sure it continues to meet those premium SLAs.

Okay, occasionally a simple ping test may be carried out when I and other business center “premium connection” customers complain, but service provider, your service is not meeting the mark. 

weber grill blog image 2For more on assuring end-to-end network service quality from the end user perspective, read our solution brief on Network Performance Monitoring.

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