Iqbal Minhas (Cisco, left) and Kevin Kulasingham (right)

By Kevin Kulasingham, VP Business Development, APAC

We recently attended TECHXLR8 Asia on my home turf at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre together with our partner Cisco Systems, where we showcased our joint solution, Cisco Orchestrated Assurance powered by Netrounds. TECHXLR8 is one of the largest and most relevant NFV/SDN industry events in Asia. On top of the great exhibition traffic and interest in Orchestrated Assurance, which is centered around the benefits brought to operators through automation and the orchestration of active testing and monitoring, I am extremely proud to announce that we received an award for Best Test & Measurement Solution – for the second year in a row!

We received the Best T&M solution award for our agile and feature-rich active test and monitoring solution, together with Cisco NSO, the increasingly widely-deployed orchestrator which forms the backbone of Orchestrated Assurance, and the Cisco CSP 2100 cloud platform – both of which work in tandem with Netrounds. To get a bit deeper into the details of Orchestrated Assurance, you can download our new white paper produced jointly with Cisco, Operational Imperative of Automated Active Testing and Monitoring. This award is testimony to our continued focus on innovation and thought leadership in addressing, together with Cisco, the most critical challenges that service providers are faced with today. The award recipients were selected by a group of industry analysts and expert consultants with vast industry experience.

Netrounds and Cisco have built a strong relationship and value proposition together through our innovative automation solution that provides a hands-off, programmable active assurance approach for service activation testing and ongoing active network service monitoring, as well as remote troubleshooting. This solution is in line with what service providers are demanding from their network operations teams: increase the level of speed and agility in delivering new assured services to their customers while meeting the challenges of the evolving network infrastructure landscape.

Active testing and monitoring is often overlooked or given little emphasis in today’s marketplace due to the prevalence of performance monitoring and passive systems already deployed in legacy networks. However, there are two things to note here.

  1. Passive monitoring systems cannot provide the service quality metrics from the end user, or customer, perspective. Together, passive monitoring systems and active testing solutions can be very complementary. Read the article on Active Test Methods and Passive Monitoring by our CEO, Mats Nordlund, featured earlier this Fall in Connect Asia for more on this point.
  2. The vast majority of these traditional systems are not well-suited for a software-defined, dynamic, virtualized network. When it comes to services being deployed at the speed of software, with frequent changes, updates, shared resources, and moving workloads (I could go on all day), how can these hardware-bound systems keep up? They cannot. Operators and service providers require software-based platforms that can be programmatically driven with APIs.

Netrounds’ integration with Cisco NSO is very simple as it uses a prebuilt NETCONF and YANG driver to the Netrounds Control Center. If you are interested in learning more about the YANG data models underpinning the interaction between Netrounds Control Center and Cisco NSO, check out this orchestration wallpaper we created that goes through the YANG data model in lavish detail.

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From left: Kevin Kulasingham, Kamil Razif, Mats Nordlund and Kari Korkala from Netrounds together with Andrew Eaton and Iqbal Minhas of Cisco Systems.