The last couple of weeks have been an absolute whirlwind here at Netrounds. Continue reading to find out what we’ve been up to:

  • Reflections from the NFV World Congress 2016 event in San Jose, California
  • Our new partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Finalist listing for the Leading Lights Outstanding Test & Measurement Vendor award
  • A brief review of the OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas

NFV World Congress 2016

Our time in San Jose was spent in discussions with CIOs and Principal NFV Architects from among our customers, as well as numerous industry analysts, around accelerating carrier innovation with NFV — the theme of Layer 123’s annual event in California. One topic in particular was brought up in nearly every conversation: tScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.04.07 PMhere is no longer a question of whether NFV is happening or not, it is a surety and we expect the hockey stick of NFV deployments to be approaching at the end of this year. Compared to the early projections on when NFV would ramp up, we are a little late on the curve. However, as with many other major shifts in technology’s history, the change often begins later than expected, but the rate of this change will occur much more quickly than anticipated. This delay in NFV deployments makes is more difficult to estimate when operators will begin to fully orchestrate their networks to achieve the complete range of benefits attributed to the deployment of a dynamic virtualized network. We expect to hear more on this topic from our customers and analysts in the near term.

HPE OpenNFV Partnership

On another note, we are very excited to now be a part the HPE OpenNFV partner ecosystem. Collaborative ecosystems like HPE’s OpenNFV program are proving to be the catalysts that are propelling forward the industry and the deployment of these fully-orchestrated, next generation NFV networks — even if they are not quite happening just yet. Ensuring interoperability, pre-certifying full service chains made up of (and here’s that overused, worn buzzword) best-of-breed technology from numerous providers, and creating partnerships with both large and small hardware and software vendors from around the globe to develop end to end solutions that synergistically create much more than the sum of their individual parts — these ecosystems have paved the way and laid the groundwork for tomorrow’s NFV networks. We look forward to taking part of this exciting transformation journey.

Leading Lights Awards Finalist

Leading Lights is an annual awards series organized by Light Reading, and we are extremely proud to be a finalist amongst our esteemed peers for Outstanding Test & Measurement Vendor this year. We believe that our recognition in this category stems from our efforts to assist operators throughout their virtual network transformations with more dynamic and user-friendly test and assurance tools that can agilely respond to changes in testing needs as they occur. The winners for Leading Lights 2016 will be announced at the Big Communication Event taking place in Austin, Texas later this month.

OpenStack Summit 2016

Also in Austin, growing from just 75 attendees it’s first year, OpenStack Summit 2016 saw over 7,500 attendees walk through the Austin Convention Center doors last week. The insightful keynotes were led by some of the industry big guns: Cisco, Intel, and Red Hat (not to mention the OpenStack Super User award winner AT&T), and it was clear that OpenStack adoption, not only amongst enterprises, is accelerating. AT&T, who plans to utilize a 75% software-centric approach to their network by 2020, presented their ECOMP, Enhanced Control Orchestration Management Platform, approach — an effort to increase the speed of feature agility, decrease costs and vendor lock-in, and decrease time to revenue for delivering new services. Essentially, they want to create a dynamic, software-based network ready to handle abrupt changes with agility and able to evolve when innovation is needed to stay ahead of the game — an approach that we at Netrounds can definitely buy into.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements, and, as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Kaela Loffler, Director, Marketing & Industry Alliances, Netrounds

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