At the end of each year, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey to find out how our customers perceive us and the service we deliver, what value Netround provide them with, as well as what they would like to see from us in the future. We use the results as a basis for the future development of our business.

According to the survey for 2013, our customers are very satisfied with Netrounds. We received a customer satisfaction index of 4.13 (max = 5). In addition, 99% of the respondents would also likely or absolutely recommend us, and 98% considered our support to be good or excellent. These are really good numbers that we are extremely proud of. They clearly indicate that we are doing really well, which is also reflected by our almost non-existing churn. Practically all of our customers choose to stay with us.

We work hard to offer the best possible product and support for our customers. When it comes to support, we try to be very responsive and quickly answer any questions our customers have. To do this, we offer our customers support in the form of a support ticketing system and also live chat during business hours. There is also extended support in the form of phone support, service reviews and expert consultancy. During 2014 we plan to extend our support by launching an extensive FAQ and Community feature within Netrounds. We also gladly welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement from our customers. Our customer satisfaction survey is one method of collecting this.

This year’s survey showed a strong need for IPv6 support! As we all know there has been talk about IPv6 for some time. This feedback combined with that we are actually seeing several of our customers rolling out IPv6 shows that the momentum has changed from talk to action. So if you are not already planning for supporting IPv6 – you should be. We are already working on this and Netrounds will start supporting IPv6 during Q1 this year so more news will follow on this.

Should you be interested in talking to one of our customers to get a reference, please contact us and we can arrange that.