Poorly performing applications used in Swedish healthcare cost 600-750 million dollars per year, according to both labor unions and nursing staff. Instead of nursing patients, a lot of time is spent on logging in and out of various applications. This is reported today by Swedish news site SVT Nyheter.

The Swedish Association of Health Professionals is receiving more and more reports from all over the country about working environment problems arising when staff is forced to spend more time on administrative work tasks instead of nursing patients.

“A whole lot of time is spent on dealing with slow applications and this amount of time corresponds to between four and five billion SEK per year,” said David Liljeqvist, administrative official at the Swedish Association of Health Professionals.

Not only is it very unproductive and costs a lot of money in lost time, it can also create situations where staff receive incorrect information about patients, something which can be very dangerous and must be avoided.

Slow applications can be caused by many different factors. For example, the problem might be in the clients, servers or the network. To quickly solve issues with slow applications, it’s key to be able to troubleshoot efficiently and find out exactly where the problems originate. For more information on how to do this, check out our guide on efficient network troubleshooting.