See what our customers are saying

“The Netrounds team has shown great expertise in this field and provided a flexible and innovative cloud-based solution that meets our needs both for monitoring and troubleshooting.”

Emil Hansen
Head of Infrastructure & Operations, Telenor Sweden

“We use Netrounds at several locations throughout the country to monitor the IP transport of our TV channels to different regions. We appreciated that it was very easy to get started.”

Hans Bergersen
CTO, Sappa

“High quality in the IT services in our stores is an important advantage. We found Netrounds perfect since it can be used both for preventive work and more effective troubleshooting.”

Magnus Söderberg
IT Manager, Clas Ohlson

“We use Netrounds in both Norway, Finland and Denmark for troubleshooting and stability testing for our operator and enterprise customers. Setting up tests is easy and fast, and enables us to quickly correct any possible faults that can otherwise be very time-consuming to troubleshoot. Furthermore, the support offered is great.”

Jomar Asphjell
CTO, Netnordic

“At Kabelnoord, we are committed to delivering top customer experience. We use Netrounds to ensure quality of our digital TV distribution at different locations throughout our network and at our customers’ premises. We appreciate that Netrounds is really simple to use and requires virtually zero configuration and installation.”

Wybern Lieuwes
Network Engineer, Kabelnoord

“With Netrounds I can run a wide range of security tests really easily and fully automated, which saves me considerable time. Netrounds lets me complete otherwise time-consuming testing tasks much quicker thanks to the built-in automated features. It also helps me test remote parts of our network without ever leaving the office.”

Daniel Henriksson
Senior Network Engineer, Lunet