Senior Software Engineer – Job Description

There has never been so much opportunity in technology as there is today (and tomorrow!). Opportunities to carve a niche for yourself within trends in emerging technologies whilst evolving within the industry, continually learning, growing and finding new and inspiring projects to own and succeed in are constantly presenting themselves. At Netrounds, we like to set ambitious goals and continuously strive to innovate and push ourselves further. In addition, our core values of Learning and Caring shine through in all that we do. This is something that we are proud of and we think that it not only says a lot about us but also a lot about who we are looking for.

So, are you looking to be part of an ambitious team on the cutting edge of test & measurement, networking and cloud technology? Are you driven to create a thought-leading solution that solves real customer problems? Do you want to apply your expertise to enable international growth? Most importantly, are you hungry to learn and work in a close-knit team with other likeminded techies?

You will be based in Sweden, either at our office located in the city center of Luleå, Sweden, or at our office in Oulu, Finland.

What will you accomplish?

As a senior software engineer in our Test Agent team, you will be a key resource for improving the scalability, performance, and precision of our Test Agents. For example, you will:

  • Investigate, design, and implement new test tools using C and Python, that measures the performance of IP networks and network services.
  • Configure the Linux kernel for highest possible performance and precision.
  • Build images for different platforms.

As the Telecom industry is moving to the cloud and virtualization is the future, you will – together with the Test Agent team – push the boundaries of that is possible in terms of measurement performance and accuracy in these environment.

Skills & Experience Requirements

This role requires 5+ years in previous software developer positions.

High skill levels with the following are required:

  • Linux and OS internals (for example scheduling and syscalls)
  • Network protocol stack (TCP/IP) and socket programming
  • C
  • Multithreaded and multiprocess programming
  • Code profiling and optimisation
  • Python
  • KVM

Characteristics of the ideal applicant

  • The applicant should be well structured and quality focused – we write code the way others wish they had.
  • The applicant should be a true team player – we care for our colleagues, as well as our customers.
  • We work in a distributed and international environment, which makes efficient communication an important success factor.
  • The applicant should be ambitious and committed – we set big goals and we never give up in achieving them. We strive to be best-in-class in all we do.

We use GIT for version control, Jenkins for test automation, and Jira/Confluence for Agile planning and documentation. Business English required (written and oral).

Education Requirements

Master of Science in computer science, preferably a major in software development or software design.

This role requires 5+ years of relevant experience.


If this sounds like you, then we would love to hear from you!

Please send your application to the contact below. If you have any questions or would like additional details on the role, please also feel free to reach out to the below contact.

Marcus Friman
Head of Engineering & Co-founder
M: +46 70 666 27 33
E: marcus.friman(at)

About Netrounds

The demand for seamless network connectivity has never been greater. At Netrounds, our vision is to enable fault-free network service experiences without human intervention. What exactly does that mean? With our mission to provide the most intuitive and versatile software for automated, active testing and monitoring, we will enable our customers to create uninterrupted and exceptional experiences. Automated. Seamless. Unparalleled service quality.

How To Apply

If this sounds like you, then we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email to and let us know your strengths, aspirations and questions.