Netrounds Paid Summer Internship 2020

We are offering a summer internship for three-four motivated and talented students who have just finished their 3rd or 4th year of studies in Computer Science. As a next step, we are also aiming to offer the right students an opportunity to work extra during the school year and potentially also to do their master thesis with us.

Netrounds is an innovative software company providing a solution for Telecom Service Providers and Enterprises around the world, in collaboration with companies such as Intel and Cisco. Our software makes it possible to automatically test and monitor that network services meet the needs of end-users, for example for various enterprise services, streaming video, or gaming. Read more @

We work in small, agile teams with a diverse set of modern technologies, tools, and processes: Linux, C/C++, Python, Django, Angular, Go, Amazon AWS cloud services, docker containers, Kubernetes/Rancher, REST APIs, hardware timestamping, Jenkins, Jira, and git, just to name a few.

During your 4–6 week internship, you will work together towards a common goal which will make you use all your creativity and skills.

Location: In Luleå city center, Sweden (only five minutes walk from the city beach so you can take a swim during your lunch break).

Exact start/end dates to be decided later.

Send your resumé and personal letter, at latest April 3, 2020, to with the subject line “2020 Summer Internship.”

About Netrounds

The demand for seamless network connectivity has never been greater. At Netrounds, our vision is to enable fault-free network service experiences without human intervention. What exactly does that mean? With our mission to provide the most intuitive and versatile software for automated, active testing and monitoring, we will enable our customers to create uninterrupted and exceptional experiences. Automated. Seamless. Unparalleled service quality.

How To Apply

If this sounds like you, then we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email to and let us know your strengths, aspirations and questions.