Juniper Announces Closing of Netrounds Acquisition — Read the Blog

Netrounds wins 2011 IPTV Excellence Award

Absilion is proud to announce that its product, Netrounds, has been elected winner of the "2011 IPTV Excellence Award". The IPTV Excellence Award is nominated by TMC, one of the [...]

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Telenor Sweden reduces testing cost with Netrounds

“We have been looking for a tool for quality assurance of our triple-play home gateways for some time, and we are pleased to see that Netrounds combines a wide range [...]

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Packet loss and jitter effects on IPTV

In order to better understand how disturbances affect the user experience of IPTV, and what role the selection of STB has on the IPTV service when it comes to network [...]

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Cisco 3650-E and 2960 egress buffer sizes revealed

Main conclusions: From a QoS point of view it may be beneficial to split the port usage evenly between ASICs for best utilization of all buffer memory. Egress buffer memory [...]

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