Test & Measurement: Five Hot Buttons for 2017

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Activation Testing, Quality Monitoring and Remote Troubleshooting for the Full Service Lifecycle

Wide feature set for
all network and
service layers

Orchestrated assurance
of the full
service lifecycle

Virtualized and cloud ready
for flexible and
scalable deployment

Programmable and easily
into OSS
automation workflow

Challenges with Network Service Delivery Today

With the increase in usage, Internet-connected devices and expected quality from customers, the demands on service providers have never been greater. Customers want new services that fit their lifestyle and usage habits and they want them now. In addition to that, many customers have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their service providers that require compensation should the customer experience recurring outages. Consequently, customers today want exceptional, assured quality of service, and they want remuneration if their expectations are not met.

Netrounds Solution Areas

Netrounds is a programmable test and service assurance solution using software-based and traffic-generating test agents, easily used and delivered from the cloud as a SaaS solution or deployed on-premise in NFV environments.

IP Core and Mobile Backhaul Performance

Quality-assure both the backhaul and radio interface of your mobile network, from basic viability of infrastructure to the subtleties of end user service quality perception.


Dynamic and Managed VPN Services

Software-based, automated approach to L2/L3 VPN service assurance to ensure that your deliveries are on time and problem-free.


Digital TV and Voice Transport

Visualize digital video and voice quality from the head-end to an individual end user and understand where issues occur so problems can be eliminated before they affect your customers.


Netrounds Value Proposition

Enhance Customer Experience

Minimize Costs for Test Equipment

Automate Manual Tasks

Improve Operating Margins

Ready to see these benefits in your network?


What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Netrounds team has shown great expertise in this field and provided a flexible and innovative cloud-based solution that meets our needs both for monitoring and troubleshooting”

Emil Hansen
Head of Infrastructure & Operations, Telenor Sweden

“We use Netrounds in several locations throughout the country to monitor the IP transport of our TV channels to different regions. We appreciated that it was very easy to get started.”

Hans Bergersen
CTO, Sappa

“High quality in the IT services in our stores is an important advantage. We found Netrounds perfect since it can be used both for preventive work and more effective troubleshooting.”

Magnus Söderberg
IT Manager, Clas Ohlson

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