This is why Netrounds is used by hundreds of companies

  • For network operators

    With Netrounds, you gain competitive advantages by minimizing efforts required for pre-deployment tests and in-production troubleshooting.

    Netrounds can be distributed to compare results between your lab environment and your production network, all the way from your network core to end-customers’ devices.

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  • For enterprise IT

    Netrounds helps your IT department to focus on its most crucial task - to safeguard good functioning of your IT environment.

    Netrounds ensures quick and efficient troubleshooting of your IT infrastructure, ranging from your physical or cloud data centers, network routers and switches.

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  • For network consultants

    By using Netrounds, you can take on assignments to help your clients find and fix problems in their IT infrastructure more effectively.

    Since Netrounds is fully distributed you can work remotely and collaboratively with your clients, which makes your work much more efficient.

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  • "Netrounds is proving to be a valuable tool in our efforts to provide high quality video to our customers. It has allowed us to vastly simplify our troubleshooting efforts. We consistently praise the product to colleagues nationwide."

    George MoatsNetwork Analyst, Eastern Slope Rural Telephone

    "Netrounds is intuitive and very easy to use, deployment is fast and its modular approach allows us to use only what we need. Moreover, the Netrounds team has offered us great customization and provided us with the right solution after listening to our needs."

    Lawrence ChanHead of Product, MyRepublic

    “We have been looking for a tool for quality assurance of our triple-play home gateways for some time, and we are pleased to see that Netrounds combines a wide range of testing capabilities for both lab and field tests with a superior ease of use. The Netrounds platform is flexible and will adapt and evolve continuously as our own needs and services change.”

    Fredrik OlssonHead of Access Services, Telenor Sweden

    "The support from Netrounds has been really good all along. When we have missed some test functions, or have had requests regarding design and reporting capabilities, this has been favorably received. Some of our requests have later also become part of the Netrounds. The continuous improvements included in the Netrounds subscription service is one of the really large benefits that is inherent to Netrounds as well as to other cloud services."

    Claes JohanssonCisco Certified Network & Design Professional, TDC

    "At KabelNoord, we are committed to delivering top customer experience. We use Netrounds to ensure quality of our digital TV distribution at different locations throughout our network and at our customers' premises. We appreciate that Netrounds is really simple to use and requires virtually zero configuration and installation."

    Wybren LieuwesNetwork engineer, Kabelnoord

  • “We use Netrounds in both Norway, Finland, and Denmark, for troubleshooting and stability testing for our operator and enterprise customers. Setting up tests is easy and fast, and enables us to quickly correct any possible faults that can otherwise be very time-consuming to troubleshoot. Furthermore, the support offered is great.”

    Jomar AsphjellCTO, Netnordic

    “High quality in the IT services we offer our stores is an important advantage. We have been looking for a tool that fulfills our need during some time before we decided to go for Netrounds. We have found Netrounds perfect, since it can be used both for preventive work and more efficient troubleshooting.”

    Tomas SöderbergIT manager, Clas Ohlson

    "We use Netrounds in several places througout the country to monitor the IP transport of our TV channels to different regions. What we appreciate about Netrounds is that it is very easy and simple to get started. In addition, it is user-friendly with a good overview."

    Hans BergersenCTO, Sappa

    "We use Netrounds to verify good link capacity and stable network connections between our offices. We have already found certain limitations and bottlenecks and we are now using Netrounds for pre-verification of alternative network solutions."

    Rikard HanssonManager of IT operations, Goodtech

    "At Exait we have a need for a test system that can perform continuous measurements in our customers's networks, and visualize trends concerning bandwidth, packet loss, and delay. Another need has been to find a more efficient way to perform measurements to ensure the correct functionality and quality when delivering network solutions to our customers."

    Leif HäggströmResponsible for Communication and Security, Exait