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Instant Network Troubleshooting

So much more than just SNMP and hand-held tools

A complete toolbox for all your needs

No investments - no installations - no problems

Netrounds SaaS (Software as a Service) model enables you to focus on mission-critical business while we manage the infrastructure. You can use Netrounds from anywhere on the web; no need to install and manage separate licenses. Support is available on our website, by chat or by telephone.

Subscribe and pay for only the services you need. You are able to add features and measurement points in your network at any time. Hardware subscriptions include a full replacement warranty, ensuring you will always have working equipment.

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Powerful automated test sequences in seconds

Netrounds’ intuitive web interface allows you to easily build complex test sequences and save them as templates for future use. Multiple tests can be scheduled to run concurrently or sequentially.

Writing and running automated tests increases your visibility into the network and enhances your response time while minimizing manual efforts.

Problem­-free IPv6 rollout

Are you looking to validate the capability of your network to support IPv6? Do you want to ensure a smooth roll¬out without service interruptions? Netrounds will make this transition painless and problem-free.

Do you need to perform remote and efficient troubleshooting of IPv6, 6to4, or 4to6 problems? All this is easy now using Netrounds.

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Swiss­ army knife for the network technician

Say goodbye to the myriad of tools used by different departments in your organization to fulfill a variety of functions.

Netrounds allows you to test, troubleshoot, monitor and solve problems while enhancing collaboration within your organization.

Efficient SDN testing & deployment within NFV

Netrounds allows for advanced testing and monitoring of your Software Defined Network and can be deployed as an appliance in a Network Function Virtualization.

You can easily manage multiple installations in different locations and collaborate around the results.

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Understand your end-users’ experience

A solid understanding of your end-users’ experience is essential to ensuring their satisfaction, which will help to retain customers and minimize churn.

Netrounds makes it easy for you to measure real packet-loss, jitter, MOS, IPTV, delay and more. You can easily verify that you are delivering and receiving data according to your SLAs.

Make your IPTV delivery flawless

IPTV support is often initiated by customers who are reporting problems. Resolving issues may involve working with many networks and systems.

Netrounds allows you to monitor IPTV quality from your end¬-users' and customers' perspective, all the way from their equipment to your core network. This enables you to spot and resolve negative trends before they become a problem.

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Monitor large-scale networks from anywhere

Using just a web browser, you can instantly deploy and manage Probes and Agents anywhere in your network from anywhere in the world.

No more expensive truck-rolls, sending out your field technicians to remote locations or cumbersome hand-held tools. With Netrounds, it's easy to collaborate on issues and share results,

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Reliable results without problems

Netrounds Probes run as complete appliances with their own OS, providing extremely reliable results. Network information is stored in the cloud allowing you to monitor performance changes over time.

There is no need to open additional ports to our cloud server as all traffic runs between Probes and Agents. Netrounds is easy to deploy and use!

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Efficient teamwork & reporting

Troubleshooting network problems used to involve multiple systems, network technicians, experts and partners.

With Netrounds you collaborate on a single system involving multiple people at different locations. You can configure regular reports and set alerts to warn you of network issues.

Improve Security within your network

Do you want to guarantee the security level you offer your customers or users? Do you want to save weeks of security testing to validate new equipment or firmware releases?

Then Netrounds Access Security testing is the right solution for you. It's easy to automate, and you can configure and receive reports according to your preferences.

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Metro Ethernet Forum testing made easy

Do you need to validate Ethernet data and control planes? Do you want standards-based reports to show that your Ethernet connections are correct?

Netrounds enables you to do this effectively and efficiently. It is fully compliant with Metro Ethernet Forum and ITU, e.g. Y.1563 and Y.1564.

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2G/3G/4G Wireless Network testing from the Cloud

Tools that perform wireless radio and data testing are often expensive and complex.

Netrounds’ wireless testing features are cost-effective and easy to use. You can automate tests and receive regular reports on the status of your radio network, and easily validate network updates and expansions!

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