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Netrounds is perfect for project-based work. It's easy to deploy and promotes work distribution and collaboration.

Netrounds contains a wide range of features that enable you to quickly and efficiently address your customers' needs.

“We use Netrounds in both Norway, Finland and Denmark for troubleshooting and stability testing for our operator and enterprise customers. Setting up tests is easy and fast, and enables us to quickly correct any possible faults that can otherwise be very time-consuming to troubleshoot. Furthermore, the support offered is great.”

Jomar Asphjell
* CTO at Netnordic

Network Engineer

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Netrounds is an advanced tool that makes your day­-to­-day work easier and more efficient. You can perform complex tasks easily, and increase productivity by automating common tasks.

Run dedicated test Probes in your network to get results you can trust.

"With Netrounds I can run a wide range of security tests really easily and fully automated, which saves me considerable time. Netrounds lets me complete otherwise time-consuming testing tasks much quicker thanks to the built-in automated features. It also helps me test remote parts of our network without ever leaving the office."

Daniel Henriksson
* Senior Network Engineer at Lunet

Network Manager

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In-depth knowledge of your network status and timely, easy-to-read reports gives you peace of mind. Configure alerts to warn you immediately if SLA levels are violated.

Netrounds makes it easy for your team to collaborate and increase efficiency.

“Netrounds is quick to get started with, easy to share and discuss results and easy to retrieve historical data. Netrounds' SLA reporting features, combined with automated PDF reports quickly give me a good idea of how our network connections are performing.

It's also great that I can continuously verify that our networks are secure and receive alarms if something is broken. With Netrounds, I can keep track of our network connections used to transport IPTV streams throughout the country, and receive regular reports ensuring that we get the SLAs we are paying for.”

Hans Bergersen
* Network Manager at Sappa


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Netrounds allows you to monitor and troubleshoot client/server applications, network performance, VoIP and video services. It's easy-to-use, and facilitates information exchange between your staff and any third parties.

You need only a minimal investment in time and money to realize great returns in productivity.

"High quality in the IT services we offer our stores is an important advantage. We had been looking for a tool that fulfills our needs during some time before we decided to go for Netrounds. We found Netrounds perfect since it can be used both for preventive work and more efficient troubleshooting."

Tomas Söderberg
* IT Manager at Clas Ohlson


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Netrounds allows for fast and advanced testing and monitoring of large scale networks and makes it easy to collaborate and automate this.

Efficient usage in all phases of the life-cycle of your network.

"At Kabelnoord, we are committed to delivering top customer experience. We use Netrounds to ensure quality of our digital TV distribution at different locations throughout our network and at our customers' premises. We appreciate that Netrounds is really simple to use and requires virtually zero configuration and installation."

Wybern Lieuwes
* Network Engineer at Kabelnoord

System Integrator

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You can easily monitor the status and usage of your customers' networks, then use your insights to help your customers improve their networks.

"At Exait, we use Netrounds to ensure correct functionality and quality when delivering network solutions to our customers. Netrounds also lets us perform continuous measurements in our customers' networks and visualize trends concerning bandwidth, packet loss and delay."

Leif Häggström
* Responsible for Communication and Security at Exait

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