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Why Netrounds?

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  • Affordable cloud-based subscription; less expensive than a hand-held test device

  • Quick to implement and easy to use; minutes, not days

  • Includes a wide range of features both for testing and monitoring

  • Personalized customer service and support

  • Useful in all phases of your network's life-cycle

Quick deployment - start problem solving in minutes!

  • Superior Support - Chat, phone, support-ticketing system and rich knowledge base
  • Easy to Collaborate - Improve team-work around tasks and jobs
  • Automated Testing - Easily run scheduled test and monitoring jobs
  • Reports and Alarms - Get reports automatically and alarms as defined
  • Reliable Results - Get results you can really trust
  • Always up-to-date - Always access to our latest features
  • Subscription - No investment, pay only what you need
  • Standards Support - Support for applicable MEF, IETF, and ITU standards

Trusted by thousands of Network Professionals


“We use Netrounds in several places throughout the country to monitor the IP transport of our TV channels to different regions. We really like Netrounds as it is very easy to get started...”

Hans Bergersen
CTO, Sappa


“Netrounds lets me complete otherwise time-consuming testing tasks much quicker thanks to the built-in automated features. I can also remote parts of our network without ever leaving the office.”

Daniel Henriksson
Senior Network Engineer, Lunet

Clas Ohlson

“High quality in the IT services in our stores is an important advantage. We found Netrounds perfect since it can be used both for preventive work and more efficient troubleshooting.”

Tomas Söderberg
IT Manager, Clas Ohlson

Start solving problems in minutes

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1. Sign up for free

Create your account and login. No credit card required.

2. Decide what to test

Choose from our wide range of predefined test and monitoring jobs or create your own.

3. Decide where to test

Download and deploy probes within your networks. Add them to your scheduled jobs.

4. Take action

Run jobs and see results immediately. Benefit from detailed test reports that are easy to share with your team and with customers.