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Netrounds is a programmable test and service assurance solution using software-based and traffic-generating probes, easily used and delivered from the cloud as a SaaS solution or deployed on-premise in NFV environments.

NFV Service Activation Test & Assurance

Enable OSS orchestration to integrate service fulfillment and assurance through Netrounds’ live KPIs reflecting active end-user experience.

Video Delivery Monitoring

Gain video quality and performance insight of MPEG and OTT video streams to ensure end-user experience.

Backhaul and Radio Interface Assurance

Quality-assure the backhaul of your mobile network with reflector-based testing, and safeguard radio interface performance using Test Agents with a 4G/3G/2G modem.

VPN Service Turn-up Verification

Save time by using automated and pre-defined test templates for MEF and ITU Y.1564, as well as stateful TCP for QoS profiling and RFC6349 throughput benchmarking.

Network Performance Monitoring

Active TCP and UDP traffic generation over WAN circuits in different QoS classes for SLA compliance monitoring to ensure expected performance is achieved.

End-user Service Assurance

Active and distributed measurements at remote locations of how end-users experience IPTV, VoIP and other quality-sensitive services.

Remote Network Troubleshooting

Assess customers’ service quality and troubleshoot remotely to avoid field efforts, and leverage web-based speed tests to solve customer problems at first contact.

Pre-production Acceptance Testing

Enable automation of pre-production testing required to ensure that configuration changes are working correctly prior to live deployment, as well as flawless firmware upgrades.

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Netrounds Architecture Overview

The core component of Netrounds is a unifying cloud-based Control Center that provides a consolidated GUI for operations staff as well as a cloud API for external OSS orchestrators to remotely control Netrounds’ four classes of traffic-generating active Test Agents: Virtual Test Agent, SW Test Agent, HW Test Appliance, and Embedded Test Agent.

The Control Center is either hosted by Netrounds and offered as a SaaS solution, or deployed on-premise in NFV environments, and provides aggregated or detailed real-time result views and historic KPIs and SLA monitoring metrics.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Netrounds team has shown great expertise in this field and provided a flexible and innovative cloud-based solution that meets our needs both for monitoring and troubleshooting”

Emil Hansen
Head of Infrastructure & Operations, Telenor Sweden

“We use Netrounds at several locations throughout the country to monitor the IP transport of our TV channels to different regions. We appreciated that it was very easy to get started.”

Hans Bergersen
CTO, Sappa

“High quality in the IT services in our stores is an important advantage. We found Netrounds perfect since it can be used both for preventive work and more effective troubleshooting.”

Magnus Söderberg
IT Manager, Clas Ohlson

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